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Ami Suma was born in Tokyo, Japan in 1976.

As a child her first love was to draw pictures with her friends and for her 3 little sisters. Her second love was to redecorate her little room according to different themes. She would rearrange the whole room every week for years. Ami loved her weekly project but she found herself frustrated by the ugly plastic wall paper found in most Japanese homes, including hers. During these years she longed to fill her walls with the drawings and paintings that filled her imagination.

Ami relocated to the United States as a teenager and immediately found herself in a place where creativity and art on the walls of a home was not only allowed but encouraged. She was amazed that people would paint their walls different colors, with bold designs and fantastical drawings. As a child she had wished for a room with a castle or sky themed mural on the wall. Ami was stunned but more importantly she was inspired.

In her twenties Ami worked as a fashion journalist in New York City until one day she woke up and realized she was simply fed up with the industry. She thought long and hard about what to do next and decided that she was going to take a chance and follow a dream that was born in her childhood memories. Ami began to paint murals for children’s spaces.

Ami recognized that a child’s room is an important sanctuary for him or her. It’s a place where a child can seek comfort and joy, disappear in fantasy, and it can be a place where imagination can grow. And she knew that she could contribute. 

Ever since Ami has painted magical murals in kids' rooms, in shops, showrooms, for events and so much more. Her work appears in both New York City and Tokyo.

In 2010 Ami moved back to Tokyo with her husband Issei, an architect, and gave birth to their first daughter, Niko. She visits NYC periodically for projects.